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Pizza Recommendations for Movie Marathons at Home

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It’s Friday at last. You find yourself planning what to do this weekend, so you hit up your group chat and—maybe through some divine intervention—a movie marathon is official. Making plans in a group chat is like rocket science, but you’re glad that’s done with, so you move on to the next to-do item: the food.


A movie marathon, even if you’re alone, should be a party, and it’s not a party without good food. By good food, that means pizza.


Pizza is the universal party food because everyone loves it. If you don’t, how do you live? Pizza brings people together, even during (dreaded) company office parties. Some people even show up at parties for the pizza.


Considering your movie marathon is probably going to run for several hours, a solid food plan should be in place. People may come and go or stay for the whole thing, so you’ll need to keep the pizza flowing, movies playing, and the good times going.


The Checklist


Every night can be movie night and every day can be a pizza party, but when you’re having friends over, it’s time to take your party planning skills up a notch.


  1. How much to order. Depending on how large the party is, estimate how much food you’ll need. Get a headcount before the event and don’t just count the number of mouths; think about their appetites, too. Ordering the right amount of pizza can guarantee success. If everyone’s going to chip in, it’s all the better because that means more pizza and no budget constraints. Just make sure to decide on how much to order ahead of time so you can schedule the delivery and the pizza is delivered on time and fresh from the oven.


  1. The toppings. While pizza is loved by everyone, we all have different preferences. Some like to load up the crust with everything but the kitchen sink, while others can’t stand certain toppings. Consider people who can’t eat pork, chicken, or other meats as well as vegetarians. The long-standing debate about putting pineapple on pizza will never die, but ask what your friends think anyway. At the end of the day, even bad pizza is good pizza. Whatever varieties you decide on, everyone will still love them.


  1. The style. It’s easy to mix and match flavors, especially if you can ask the pizza place to do so. There are so many styles out there today, but you might want to stick with just one pizzeria because it’s more convenient.


  1. How long is the movie marathon? Throughout history, pizzacology experts have performed multiple studies on pizza consumption and have discovered that the average movie marathon goer consumes three slices of pizza over the course of a marathon. This isn’t a real study but it’s the average, but if the marathon is going to last the whole day, you may need to double the order and prepare side dishes for menu variety.


The Pizza Trifecta for Every Party


If you’re still thinking about the pizza conundrum of what toppings to buy for the group, a good basic combination is: one cheese, one single meat, and a vegetable pizza. Having these three options can help balance most dietary restrictions.


  • Cheese


You can’t go wrong with cheese pizza. Cheese, sauce, and crust are actually all you need to make good pizza. Sometimes, going back to the basics is the best option.


  • Single Meat


It’s a good idea to stay simple because the thing with ordering a complicated pizza is that it will look more attractive than the pizza for the other portion of your group. A single meat plus condiments option will help keep everyone happy.


  • Vegetable


Vegetarians will appreciate this, but everyone else may as well. We all love a bit of variety in our life. Be careful about choosing the vegetables because not everyone likes the same veggies. Onions, mushrooms, and peppers are usually acceptable. You can also load up on a lot of vegetables and just tell your guests to pick out what they don’t like. If you order a cheese-less, vegan pizza but have a small group, you might end up with a lot of leftovers. Your vegan friend would probably appreciate it if you served them an entirely different food item instead.


Last Tip!


Think back to the time your group ordered pizza. What’s the type of pizza that was gone first? That’s probably the pizza that everyone loved and you didn’t order enough of.


Pizza goes with any occasion and it’s a staple among parties and friendly gatherings. A pizza place with a wide-ranging menu like Calda Pizza here in CDO can certainly help make your movie marathon a success.


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