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As November comes to a close, we start to feel the festive cheer; Christmas is just around the corner. Despite Filipinos being known to start putting up decorations and sing Christmas carols sometimes as soon as September, it doesn’t lessen the anticipation everyone feels when December comes around. Of course, the holidays are all about family and spending time with each other. It’s a time to rest after a whole year of work and school, and it’s the one time of the year where most are guaranteed a well-deserved break. But another thing that we Filipinos are known for is our love for food; and there is no shortage of that during Christmastime.

Christmas dinner is always something to look forward to, and a lot of households put a significant amount of effort and thought into it, to make sure that everyone is content and full at the end of the night. It might not be very common, but a good thing to consider putting on the table would be pizza. It will always be welcome on almost any dinner table, and it is sure to be a big hit amongst the family members, both young and old. You could always go down to Calda Pizza CDO and get some of your favorite kinds, as well as some that are fitting for the season. But if you wanted to try your hand at making your own creations, here are some holiday pizza ideas that might help spark some inspiration.


Candy cane pizza

Calda candy cane pizza

Some of you might react to this kind of pizza, as imagining something as sweet as candy being used as an ingredient for something as savory as pizza might send a chill down some spines. But we’re actually not talking about the red-and-white striped treat being on pizza, but rather shaping the pizza after the candy. Though some purists might cringe at a pie that isn’t circular, or can’t be sliced into triangular pieces, it is still a good fit for the season. Just make use of some pepperoni as the topping, as well as some parmesan cheese to emulate the red and white color of the well-known treat.


Snowman pizza

Calda snowman pizza

Who doesn’t love a good snowman? Even in somewhere as tropical as the Philippines, almost everyone wants to make a snowman, even though it never snows in the country. So why not make a pizza shaped like one? This is easier to make than the previous pie, as you can simply make use of two different pizza, one smaller than the other. The smaller one will be the head, and you can use olives and bell peppers to make the face and nose. The same holds true for the bigger pizza, which is the body, and you can use pepperoni as the buttons.


Healthy Christmas pizza

Calda Healthy Christmas Pizza

Now we take a breather from the oddly-shaped pies and back into our traditional, round pieces. One thing that can’t be denied about Christmas is how heavy some of the wares present on the table can sometimes be. So, to make sure that we still get a somewhat balanced meal, why not try a healthy pizza for Christmas? Make a thin-crust pizza topped with red and green veggies. You’ll love looking at the whole thing almost as much as you’ll love biting into it.


Christmas wreath pizza

Calda Christmas Wreath Pizza

Here we combine the festive shapes with the healthy pizza. A Christmas wreath pizza will still feature some veggies and will only have a hole in the middle to imitate the look of the actual decoration. Of course, the hole shouldn’t be as large as the real thing, as that wouldn’t leave much pizza for eating. Make use of some cucumber slices and tomatoes for the toppings, although you can put in some pepperoni to give some taste to this healthy Christmas dish.


Holiday chocolate pizza

Chocolate pizza calda

Though many would swear that pizza should only be savory and greasy, there are a lot of sweet pizza recipes out there. One example of this that would be perfect for the holidays would be a chocolate holiday pizza. The crust is completely made out of chocolate, and instead of meat and veggies as toppings, you can sprinkle some red- and green-colored M&Ms. You can also add some chocolate syrup on top if you still aren’t satisfied by how sweet it is, or maybe some light cream. Although this might be more suited for dessert, it would still be a welcome addition to your Christmas table.


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