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Calda Pizza Top 5 Favorites

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Whenever you think of the word pizza, memories take you back to times spent with friends chatting about anything and everything, watching a movie with the family on a cozy Sunday afternoon, or even

Side Dishes That Go Well with Pizza

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Pizza by itself is already a great dish. But if you really want to get the full experience of savoring a slice of this delicious dish, pair it with a great side. Side dishes

Top 5 Favorite Pizza Toppings

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One of the most essential picks when one orders a pizza is the toppings. Some even go as far to say as this is the most important, and in most pizzerias, this is the

4 Surprising Health Benefits of Pizza

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. Ask a random person on the street whether they like pizza, and about nine times out of ten—or even more!—they will answer with a resounding “yes.” Pizza is one of, if not the most,

Best Pizza for the Holidays

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As November comes to a close, we start to feel the festive cheer; Christmas is just around the corner. Despite Filipinos being known to start putting up decorations and sing Christmas carols sometimes as

Short History of Pizza

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Let’s face it, no matter who you are, or what country you’re from, you are bound to have at least one fond memory of pizza. Pizza is a dish that is enjoyed all over

6 Reasons Why Pizza Can Be Good for You

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We’ve said it before, and we’re not afraid to say it again; pizza is good. It is one of the easiest to order, fastest to arrive, and arguably the best tasting food to have

Fun Facts You Didn’t Know about Pizza

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One of the most loved and often ordered dish not only in America, but in the whole world, is pizza. Beyond the fact that almost every single slice is bound to have your taste

Interesting Facts about Pizza

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Pizza. A word that simply sends shivers of delight down the spine of lovers around the world. Simply thinking of this delicious dish brings a smile to many faces, and for good reason. There

How to Order Pizza for a Large Group

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Whenever we have a large gathering of people, one of the favorite things to order is pizza. This is because pizza is readily available almost anywhere, and you can even have it delivered to