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Calda Pizza Presents – Top Five Reasons to Try Calda 3S Pizza Flavor

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The quintessential Italian food, Pizza—though it’s definitely not a Filipino food—has, over the years, captured the taste of Pinoys, making it one of the most popular foods in the country. Look around Cagayan de

Calda Presents – Five Awesome Summer Things to Do in CDO

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Summer is here, and Kagay-anons can’t help but feel extremely excited to welcome the sunny season. Say hello to beach parties and Instagram-worthy summer escapades! But you know what, you don’t actually need to leave

Pepperoni Pizza with Anchovies – An Incredible Way of Enjoying Your Pizza

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Do you know that the number of slices of pizza consumed per second across the world is 350? And do you also know that we consume approximately 5 billion pizza boxes worldwide each year?

Vegetarian Pizza Recipes and Its Many Health Benefits

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Your New Year’s Resolution of Eating Healthier Food Has Never Been This Exciting For most of us, eating healthy ranks high up in our list of New Year resolutions. That’s not surprising. Most people promise

Easy Tips on How to Dress Up Your Calda Pizza for the Christmas Holidays

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So, what’s the best way to spend the Christmas season? With lots of pizzas, of course! No matter what the occasion is (or even when there’s no occasion at all), a box of a delicious

Top Pizza Flavors for Vegetarian Foodies

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Everybody loves pizza, right? But not everyone loves meat. In fact, there are many people who do not eat meat at all. Is there a way for these people to still enjoy everyone’s favorite treat? Yes,

Top 7 Horror Movies to Watch This Halloween

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You are in a darkened room with a group of friends, munching on a Calda pizza, when suddenly, all hell breaks loose in the movie you’re watching and everyone in the room screams their

5 Ways to Jazz Up Leftover Pizza

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If you’re a pizza lover, then there’s a great chance that there’s always leftover pizza in your fridge. There’s also a chance that you simply microwave the leftover pizza the following day and enjoy

Drinks and Other Dishes Perfect for a Pizza Party

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You’re throwing a pizza party and you want to know what drinks and other snacks you should prepare to go with the pizza you’ll be serving. Well, you certainly came to the right place.

Regular vs. Thin-Crust Pizza: Where the Difference Lies

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If you’re a pizza lover (like most of the people I know), then you’ll know that not all pizzas are created equal. No matter how much you love pizza, there will be some that