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Calda Pizza – For a Simple, Yet Meaningful Graduation Celebration

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Anybody who is graduating deserves to have this milestone in his or her life celebrated. So, if your child or any other loved one is about to graduate, you need to plan for his/her graduation party as early as now. But perhaps you are worried as to how you can give the graduate a meaningful celebration when you don’t have that much money to spare.

Well, worry no more, as there is a very easy way to celebrate graduation without spending too much! The answer? Why, everybody’s favorite treat, of course. Pizza!

Even the simplest and most basic pizza flavor will taste oh-so-yummy when shared with family and friends, especially when you’re celebrating a momentous occasion. In fact, a simple pizza party can be loads more fun than a formal dinner at a 5-star fine dining restaurant. Here are the best reasons why:

Calda Pizza – For a Simple, Yet Meaningful Graduation Celebration


  1. Everybody Loves Pizza!

It is almost impossible to resist that crispy crust covered with oozing, hot, melted cheese and a wide variety of toppings. By choosing to have a pizza party, you won’t have to worry about whether your guests will like the menu or not. It may be true that pizza isn’t everyone’s number one favorite treat, but it’s definitely safe to say that everyone will appreciate a bit of pizza every now and then. So you can be sure pizza will be a hit at any graduation party.2.

     2. You Get More for Less

One of the best things about choosing pizza as your celebratory food is that you can have more while spending less. Let’s say, for example, that you bring the entire family and a few close friends to Calda Pizza right after your child’s graduation ceremonies. You can order the Quattro Stagione in the largest size. That way, you get to enjoy four different flavors for just PHP 1,600! With drinks for everyone and perhaps an order of fried chicken (yes, they have that, too), you’ll just be spending more or less PHP 2,000 on a fun-filled graduation celebration.

3.  Less Stress for You

If you choose to throw a party at home, you’ll have to take care of everything from the food to décor to entertainment. Even if you have the food catered, you’ll still have to organize the party itself. If you have a grand party, say, at a hotel, you’ll have to send invitations and make sure everything is arranged the way you like it. Either way, organizing the graduation party will probably cause a bit of stress. By simply going to Calda Pizza and ordering whatever flavor your group agrees on, you save yourself from a good deal of stress. You just sit down, eat, have fun, and then go home.

4.  It Is Highly Convenient

Wherever your child goes to school, there’s a good chance you aren’t far from a Calda Pizza branch. In Cagayan de Oro, there is one right across Xavier University. There is also one in Barangay Lapasan, which isn’t too far from Capitol University, Mindanao University of Science and Technology (MUST), Southern Philippines College, and several other schools. And if your child if graduating from either Xavier University High School or Corpus Christi School in the city’s uptown area, you’ll be glad to know there’s also a Calda Pizza Pueblo branch. So, you see, you won’t even have to brave the traffic just to get to a Calda Pizza!

5.  Everyone Gets to Unwind

A pizza place has the kind of casual atmosphere that encourages everyone to just relax, be themselves, and have fun. Unlike a fine dining restaurant where you have to observe an entire set of dining etiquette, a pizza place enables you to laugh as much as you want, share stories with everyone at the table, and just have the time of your life. You don’t even have to get all dressed up for the occasion! Whether you’re in jeans and a t-shirt or a casual dress, you’ll look right at home in a pizza place.

Calda Pizza – For a Simple, Yet Meaningful Graduation Celebration

So, stop wringing your hands and furrowing your brows. Your loved one’s graduation party doesn’t have to be a cause for worry. Just go to the nearest Calda Pizza branch after the ceremonies and you’ll be sure to have a grand time. Oh, and here’s another benefit of having a pizza party that you’ll be sure to appreciate: Since you’re able to considerably lower the cost of the party, you’ll have more money with which to buy a gift the graduate will be sure to love! That’s great news, indeed, isn’t it?


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