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Calda Pizza Presents – Top Five Reasons to Try Calda 3S Pizza Flavor

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The quintessential Italian food, Pizza—though it’s definitely not a Filipino food—has, over the years, captured the taste of Pinoys, making it one of the most popular foods in the country. Look around Cagayan de Oro City and you’ll notice that there are already a lot of pizza restaurants and take-out stores ready to serve you with warm, cheesy, and meaty pizza slices.  (Or entire BOXES of the stuff!)

But if you are looking for a unique tasting pizza that you haven’t tried yet, then go to the nearest Calda Pizza branch and try one of our best-sellers—Calda 3S Pizza.

So, what’s this pizza all about and why are we encouraging you to try this delish flavor?

Here’s a list of the top five reasons:

It’s Not Your Ordinary Pizza

The 3 “s”s on 3S stand for Sweet, Spicy, and Salty. 3S pizza is one of Calda’s distinct pizzas; this means that you can only taste this pizza variety on Calda Pizza alone. Do you want to enjoy the three flavors of pizza in one slice? Then go give this one a try!

Calda Pizza has been known for finding ways on how to infuse Filipino flavors in their pizzas, and that’s definitely one of the reasons why you can find distinct flavors of pizzas here. Everybody knows that Pinoys love sweet, salty, and spicy foods so why not add all three in one pizza?

This pizza is not just cheesy, meaty, and saucy; it’s also so FLAVORFUL.  And by the way, it’s also topped with mozzarella cheese, pineapple bits, Jalapeno pepper, and pepperoni. Pizza lovers, make sure to add this on your pizza bucket list!

It’s Made By the Best Pizza Chain in the City   

Like we’ve said, the whole city is already infested with pizzerias, pizza take-out stalls, etc., but if you are looking for the best pizza in CDO, then you’ve got only one place to go.

Since 2008, Calda Pizza has been offering a unique concept of Italian-inspired pizzas that are steeped in distinct and delectable Filipino flavors. It all started in Cebu, and then after a few years, the Calda Pizza phenomenon started to spread to different locations including Cagayan de Oro City. And now, with three branches around the city, the brand has gained a solid foothold in CDO, delivering luscious pizza to Kagay-anons.

All pizzas of Calda Pizza are made of the freshest ingredients available. So when eating a slice of Calda Pizza, you don’t just enjoy different kinds of flavors, you are also enjoying high-quality pizza.

They Are Affordable

Yes, that’s definitely right! For as low as PHP 230.00, you can now enjoy Calda Pizza’s regular 11″ box. Besides their regular size, 3S Pizza is also available in three bigger sizes: Family Size (16″) for PHP 410, XL Size (20″) for PHP 600, Super Size (30″) for PHP 1,000, and Xtra Super Size (36″) for PHP 1,370.

It’s the Perfect Food for Whatever the Occasion Is

3S Pizza for breakfast, lunch, brunch, snack time, dinner, birthday party, barkada reunion, videoke party, beach party, joyride adventure, or when you are just hungry? Why not! 3S pizza is the perfect comfort food for whatever you are doing. It can brighten up your day, make conversations longer and fun, and keep you full all throughout the day.

So grab a box of 3S pizza now, enjoy it, and seize the day!

What Else Do You Need to Hear?

It’s pizza, and it’s resistible. How can you say no to a slice of pizza that is cheesy, meaty, and FLAVORFUL? Of course, you can’t!

Order a box of 3S Pizza now at these Calda Pizza branches in CDO:

Here’s a list of Calda Pizza branches around Cagayan de Oro City, together with our contact information:


Highway Lapasan

Cagayan de Oro City

0923-3012555 & 0915-5051802

(088) 856-3003



Lorraine’s Portico, Xavier Estates,

Cagayan de Oro City

(088) 858-9669 & 0917-322-3899



In front of Xavier University

Xavier Corrales – Hayes, CDO

0922-8238230, (088) 880-1502

* The Lapasan and Pueblo branches only deliver until 10:30 PM, while the Xavier branch only delivers until 8:30 PM

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