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Calda Pizza’s Roma Pizza Flavor – 5 Good Reasons to Try

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Have you ever had pizza that’s so good, you just couldn’t get enough of it? Well, if you’re a true-blue pizza lover, you’ve probably tried lots of pizza flavors. And you’re more than likely to have a new favorite every single month.

But here’s the thing:

We all have that one or two favorite that automatically becomes our go-to flavor whenever we get the chance to eat out or order in. Say you have plans with your friends to binge watch season 7 of Game of Thrones and you decide to have pizza delivered. More often than not you’re going to choose your favorite flavor, right? Unless your favorite is pizza with anchovies and one of your friends is allergic to it.

Fortunately, the Calda Pizza that’s on the spotlight today is the Roma pizza flavor, and it has no anchovies in it.

So what makes Calda Pizza’s Roma so good? Why should you try it? Like I said, if you’re a true-blue pizza lover, you absolutely don’t need any reason to check it out. But here are five good reasons anyway, just in case you need a bit of a push to get off your couch and head on to a Calda Pizza restaurant near you:

5 Reasons Why You Definitely Have to Try the Roma Pizza

  1. Who are we kidding? This is pizza we’re talking about.

Does anyone with a soft spot in their bellies for pizza really need a good reason to try the Roma from Calda Pizza? If you’re like me, a foodie who loves pizza almost as much as he loves his mother, then you’ll probably try just about any pizza flavor just for the experience alone. You can’t possibly consider yourself a pizza lover if you’re not willing to try out new flavors.

  1. Toppings – The most important part of any pizza.

Okay, let’s talk toppings. Roma is loaded with various toppings that are good individually, but great when combined together in just the right amounts.

The pizza dough is covered in a thick layer of tomato sauce, as any great tasting pizza should. Then, it’s topped with a layer of ground beef spread perfectly in equidistant fashion. We’re talking pizza here, so it’s important to describe everything to the T just to get that mouth watering like crazy.

After that awesome layer of ground beef, you get a spread of Italian sausage and salami. Think about that for a minute. Individually, ground beef, Italian sausage, and salami are good, but put together as a pizza topping, that mixture of flavors is magic.

On top of your ground beef, Italian sausage, and salami are the mushrooms, chopped green bell peppers, and the coup de grace, the mozzarella cheese in all of its cheesy goodness. Now, can you honestly say that you don’t want to try this pizza?

  1. The price tag is always going to be a factor, right?

If there’s one thing that Calda Pizza is known for, it’s the affordable price on their pizza and other menu items. Regardless of what kind of pizza you want, vegetarian or meat overload, you can bet that you’re getting top-quality pizza at an affordable price. That right there should be reason enough for you to try the Roma.

  1. Choose among five (5) different sizes.

Another thing that Calda Pizza is well-known for is the five different pizza sizes they offer, regardless of the flavor. Have you ever seen a 36-inch pizza? I mean, you’ll probably have difficulty fitting that thing inside your car, let alone through a door in most households, unless you have a really wide doorway.

Calda Pizza has five different sizes of pizza available; you have the smallest, which is the Regular size at 11 inches, the Family size at 16 inches, the XL at 20 inches, the Super at 30 inches, and the humungous Xtra Super at 36 inches, which is the perfect size for an awesome party with the barkada.

  1. The Calda Pizza brand means a lot among pizza lovers.

Ever since Calda Pizza came to Cagayan de Oro, Kagay-anons have enjoyed top-quality pizza at a reasonable price. The variety of flavors they offer, the ambiance when you eat in any of their branches, the warm welcoming attitude of the staff and crew—it’s all truly something to be admired and appreciated.

So what are you waiting for? Check out Roma at any of the Calda Pizza branches today. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram for more updates on your social media feeds.

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