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Calda Presents – Five Awesome Summer Things to Do in CDO

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Summer is here, and Kagay-anons can’t help but feel extremely excited to welcome the sunny season. Say hello to beach parties and Instagram-worthy summer escapades!

But you know what, you don’t actually need to leave Cagayan de Oro City just to have a fulfilling summer vacation. Our city has everything you will need to make this sunny season fun and fabulous.

Below is a list of five awesome things that can totally make your summer without going away from CDO. Excited? Let’s get things started:

Experience Whitewater Rafting Adventure

White Water Rafting CDOMost Kagay-anons know that CDO is the country’s Whitewater Rafting Capital, but only a few have actually tried this extreme adventure that involves riding an inflatable raft while navigating rough waters. The activity has caught on with the locals and tourists alike. So much so that finding an experienced guide is not a problem—the city has plenty of experienced outfitters and professional rafting guides.

This summer, find out why travelers and adrenaline junkies love Cagayan de Oro by experiencing this exciting recreational outdoor activity. You won’t just have an exciting time; you’ll also be supporting CDO’s booming tourism industry.

Go Spelunking in Monigue Cave

Speaking of tourism and outdoor adventure, here’s another fantastic summer escapade that you can try. Monigue Cave in Barangay Mambuaya may not be as popular as the historic Makahambus Cave, but it is the best place to go if you want to experience spelunking this summer.

To enter Monigue Cave, you’ll have to get into the water and traverse a span that only has a 6-inch airspace between the water and the ceiling. It may be a little hard to do that but everything is worth it after you behold what’s inside the cave. You’ll certainly be mesmerized with the cave’s sparkling crystals and calcite formations.

Sign Up for Fitness Classes

Balik alindog is not a seasonal project, it’s for life, people. Just because it’s summer vacation doesn’t mean that you can now skip going to the gym or forget about your regular jogging session. As a matter of fact, you have to double time with your fitness routine this summer not because you have a beach bod to prepare, but because you have plenty of idle time.

This summer season, besides increasing your fitness time, it’s also a good idea to try and participate in different fitness events. You can join Zumba sessions or even try CrossFit for the first time. Summer is also the perfect time to learn a new sport like swimming or taekwondo. Make the most of your summer by becoming physically healthy.

Participate in Summer Sales

Need to update your closet? Or perhaps you are interested in getting the latest makeup trends in the market?

Summer is actually the ideal time to go on a shopping escapade thanks to numerous summer sales and promos that make shopping even more exciting. Graduation Sale, Easter Sale, Summer Sale, and then Back-to-School Sale—the entire season is practically inundated with these things.

But of course, always be a smart shopper and keep impulse buys to a minimum.

Indulge Yourself with Calda Hawaiian Pizza

Calda Pizza Hwaiian

And last, but definitely not the least—the perfect way to start or end your day during summer. Stop by at Calda Pizza’s store and enjoy our pizzas. We offer the best tasting and affordable pizzas in CDO. We also have a lot of pizzas to choose from. We have Hawaiian, Etna, Torinese, and Bolognese Pizza, just to name a few. Apart from serving hot, cheesy, and meaty pizza slices, we are also known for our humongous 36″ pizza!

And guess what, if you don’t have enough time to stop by on any of our stores, you can simply call us, place your order, and we’ll deliver it to your doorstep.

Here’s a list of Calda Pizza branches around Cagayan de Oro City, together with our contact information:


Highway Lapasan

Cagayan de Oro City

0923-3012555 & 0915-5051802

(088) 856-3003



Lorraine’s Portico, Xavier Estates,

Cagayan de Oro City

(088) 858-9669 & 0917-322-3899



In front of Xavier University

Xavier Corrales – Hayes, CDO

0922-8238230, (088) 880-1502

* The Lapasan and Pueblo branches only deliver until 10:30 PM, while the Xavier branch only delivers until 8:30 PM

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