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Calda Pizza Top 5 Favorites

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Whenever you think of the word pizza, memories take you back to times spent with friends chatting about anything and everything, watching a movie with the family on a cozy Sunday afternoon, or even those times when you get out of work and just can’t muster the energy to cook dinner.

It’s the comfort food to top all others, and its diversity is only surpassed by just how delicious every single slice is. No matter the sauce, crust, and toppings, you will enjoy your pizza. Just as everyone says, even bad pizza is still pretty good.

In our bustling city of Cagayan de Oro, it would be remiss to talk about pizza and not mention Calda PizzaAlthough not the first pizzeria to grace our fair city, it is one of the most impactful. Not strict enough to be called traditional, and not new-gen enough to be called modern, it dwells in that beautiful sweet spot so as to make all their customers leave with a full stomach and smile on their face.

One of the first things you’d be interested in when it comes to the menu is the favorites. People want to know what makes people keep coming back. Luckily for you, we’ll lay down the top five favorites on Calda Pizza’s menu in no particular order.


Hardcore pizza buffs will know the story of how the Margherita came to be. A king and a queen were visiting a town in Italy, and the top pizza chef was tasked to present two dishes fit for royals to the visiting monarchs.

One of his creations was a pizza bearing the three colors of the Italian flag—red tomatoes, white mozzarella, and green basil. This one was especially delicious and was thereafter named after the royal who gave her compliments to the chef, namely Queen Margherita of Savoy.

No one can really be sure of the story’s total authenticity, but it doesn’t matter because it really is a darn good pizza, and it does make for interesting dinner conversation, no? Calda’s version certainly doesn’t disappoint and has earned its spot on this list.


Of course, any pizza favorites menu would be woefully incomplete if pepperoni didn’t have its own spot. It is one of the most popular toppings not only in Calda, but also the whole world, with it coming second only to cheese.

It is also the topping most mentioned in many pop culture references, and for good reason. Its smoky tanginess goes so well with the salty sweetness of the cheese, and the rich sweetness of the tomato sauce makes it a match made in heaven.

In Calda, it is topped with arguably pizza’s favorite cheese, mozzarella, and it all lays on a luxurious bed of the restaurant’s own brand of tomato sauce.


Those with vampiric tendencies won’t enjoy this particular dish due to the delicious smattering of garlic all over this pie. However, for those who have no such affliction should enjoy this unique take on a garlic pizza.

When you read the menu, you would see that the dish is topped with fresh garlic, tomato sauce, and of course, mozzarella cheese. However, at a closer inspection on its name, you should see that it is actually labeled as a must-try.

Just a pro tip, people: When the restaurant itself says it’s a must-try, you need to try it. Period.


Just as you would expect on the pizza carrying the name of the restaurant itself, the Calda pizza is something you should definitely get if you want something special. Just reading off the list of ingredients will be enough to have your mouth water but the experience still pales in comparison to actually taking the first bite.

It has the Calda tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, ground beef, ham, salami, onions, and green bell peppers. Just imagine the flavors every single bite of this beauty will bring.

Calda Speciale

What could top the Calda you ask? Why, the Calda Speciale of course. In all seriousness though, you will be the judge on which one tops which, as even we cannot come to a unified decision on which one is really better.

This devastatingly delicious dish boasts ground beef, ham, salami, bacon (BACON!), pepperoni, pineapple, mushrooms, green bell pepper, fresh tomato, roasted garlic, black olives, all sprinkled with mozzarella and lying on a bed of silky smooth tomato sauce.

You can try to wrap your head around the delicious delight this will bring to your taste buds, but only eating this magnificent specimen will truly give justice to it. So why are you still here? Call them up and order one now.

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