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Easy Tips on How to Dress Up Your Calda Pizza for the Christmas Holidays

Posted by | December 19, 2016 | Blog | Add Comment

So, what’s the best way to spend the Christmas season? With lots of pizzas, of course!

No matter what the occasion is (or even when there’s no occasion at all), a box of a delicious pizza is certainly more than enough to make things jollier. So this Christmas, don’t forget to take with you plenty of Calda Pizza for everyone. And in case you want your pizza to have a Christmas vibe too, there are actually several ways on how you can transform an ordinary slice of pizza into a Christmas pizza!

Are you ready? Here are some innovative tips that you can do to dress up Calda Pizza for the holidays:

Top Your Pizza with More Red and Green Veggies

vegie-calda-pizzaSo, what are the official colors of Christmas? Those would be green and red.

If you want to instantly make your pizza stand out from the usual fare you eat, you can simply add more red and green veggie slices as toppings. Veggies like red and green bell pepper, halved tomatoes, basil leaves, and other green herbs are perfect toppings for pizza. Once you’re done adding these slices of veggies, you can just reheat the pizza before serving it to your guests.

Make a Christmas Wreath Out of Your Pizza

calda-pizza-wreathChristmas Pizza wreaths for real? Totally cool!

Instead of slicing the pizza, just cut out a circular piece (the size of a small cup) from its middle. Decorate the pizza with lots of tomatoes, green pepper, and cucumber. Since you will be the one to design and make the pizza look like a Christmas wreath, it would be a great idea if you sketch it first on paper and determine where you will distribute the toppings and how dense should they be.

Shape It into a Christmas Tree Pizza

calda-pizza-christmas-treeSince a slice of pizza is already similar to the shape of a Christmas tree, all you need to do is cut out its thick part and transform it into a triangular shape. Now, decorate the Christmas tree pizza you’ve made and reheat it in the oven before you serve it. Sliced black olives can make perfect Christmas balls on your Christmas tree. You can even add green herbs on the pizza to make it look more like a Christmas tree before placing the olives.

Apart from a Christmas tree, it is also easier to make cane shapes out of a pizza. It really depends on your creativity.

Use a Cookie Cutter to Shape Your Pizza into Various Christmas-Related Shapes

If you do not trust your skills in cutting a pizza and transforming it into a Christmas tree or a cane, you can always use a cookie cutter for that. It will not only make the task of shaping the pizza faster, but the Christmas shapes that you can make out of a cookie cutter are also manifold. There are stars, angels, bells, snowflakes, and even reindeer.

It will certainly be fun to transform a whole box of Calda Pizza into miniature Christmas–related shapes.

Add Christmas-Shaped Pepperoni as Toppings

Make your pizza even more fun to eat by adding pepperonis shaped as stars, snowflakes, and Christmas trees. You can line them up on your Calda Pizza before you serve them to your guests.

Do remember to reheat the pizza, and sprinkle them with lots of cheese too. Decorate the pizza as you please.

Have Your Guests Make Their Own Christmas Calda Pizza

Other than adding Christmas-shaped toppings on your pizza, you can also let your guests design their own Christmas pizza. Instead of placing all the Christmas-shaped toppings on the pizza, you can simply prepare them and put everything in a bowl. Create stars, snowflakes, Christmas trees, and bells out of tomatoes, pepperoni, and bell pepper. Make sure to prepare also sliced black olives and lots of grated cheese too.

It’s really a fantastic thing to decorate your own pizza; it will make the season more fun and interesting. Your guests will also absolutely have a great time preparing their Christmas pizza.

There’s no denying that a pizza is simply one of the best meals that you can bring in a Christmas party. It is not just delicious and savory, it can also be easily made into a Christmas dish.  So, this upcoming Holiday season, don’t forget to take home with you Calda Pizza’s Xtra Super 36″ pizza that you and your family and friends will surely love. And yes, feel free to use the tips we’ve mentioned above to dress up your Calda Pizza into a Christmas pizza.

Have a great Christmas everybody!

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