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Guide to buying the perfect pizza size

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Have you ever gone to a pizza parlor, ordered your pie, and then when it arrived, you and your friends realized it was way too big and you immediately regret choosing that size? No? Well, neither have we. But for those people who have trouble choosing the right ratio for a pizza crust to toppings and sauce ratio, have no fear! There is now a mathematical equation that can balance everything out.


Eugenia Cheng, a mathematician with the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom used her considerable mathematical abilities towards finding out the formula for the perfect pizza. And she has seen fit to share her results in a paper titled On the perfect size for a pizza. However for those who don’t have the propensity or actual mathematical knowhow on following her formulas, here are a couple of tips on factors to think of when choosing what size pizza to get.


Thickness of the crust


This is definitely one thing to ask about when purchasing your pizza, because a thicker crust means a pie can hold more toppings. Therefore, a lot of pizzerias will usually pair the thicker crusts with their varieties that have more sauce and toppings.  A thicker crust also usually means wider edges than those with thinner crusts. Although they have the ability to hold more sauce, you have to take into consideration that they need to be cooked longer. If you know that people you’re buying pizza with usually don’t eat the crust when there’s no stuffing, it is better to choose thin-crust pizza.


Thin crusts however, need consideration as well. The thin crust means it can cook very fast in a traditional oven that can oftentimes reach over 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, usually under two minutes. That means you get to enjoy your pizza earlier, which is always a plus in our book. However, you also have to note that you need to eat it while it’s hot. Most people who choose thin crust over thick do so because they love that signature crunch as you bite into it. However, as it cools, that crust will become less and less crispy, and that’s why it’s best not to wait until the heat is all gone to eat this kind of pizza.


The number of slices and how it’s sliced


There is this one joke that says a guy goes into a pizza shop and orders an extra-large on the double. The one taking the order asks how many slices would he prefer, eight or 12. Funny thing is, the guy who ordered said he wanted 12 slices because he was really hungry. However, there seems to actually be some truth to the comedy. Imagine this, you’re alone and you want to enjoy a nice, hot pizza for dinner. So you have it delivered, and once you open the box you see it’s sliced neatly in eight equal pieces. You eat every single one and you feel fulfilled.


Now another time you get two orders of the same size pizza you had before, and you and two other friends eat it with you. This time however, it’s sliced into squares and has way more pieces. And somehow, you still feel just as fulfilled. This is because your mind somehow makes your stomach feel full because of the simple fact that you ate more slices. Despite you knowing you didn’t eat as much as you did before, because you picked up more slices, you feel just as, or even more full than you did when you ate a pizza alone.


More often than not, the more the merrier


One truth in the universe that most agree with is that pizza is good. It fits almost any type of celebration, and whether you eat it with your fingers or with knives and forks, it does not take away from the satisfaction and feeling of fulfillment the very moment you take the first bite when it’s still hot. This is just to help make sure you don’t order too little pizza. Because to be honest, when it comes to pizza, more is usually better. You need to take that into consideration when buying a pie next time. Because having too much pizza is infinitely more preferable than having too little.

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