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Kinds of Meat Most Commonly Found as a Pizza Topping

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Now as a vast majority of people will agree when I say this, pizza is delicious. Some would say pizza is simple; just dough, sauce, cheese and toppings. However, despite that simplicity, it also manages to be complex. There is so much you could do with pizza due to all of the types of crust, mixes of sauce and kinds of cheese you could put on it. And we haven’t even started on the plethora of toppings one could use to finish up this succulent dish.


Now pizza is typically topped with a mix of vegetables, meat as well as fish. One has to consider the compatibility between the toppings to ensure it has a well-balanced taste, because simply slapping on anything you want will not work out very well. In the vast majority of combinations however, many choose meat as one of the best toppings to be had. In America especially, where pepperoni is their favorite topping of all, you will find no shortage of meat lovers. What are the best ones to choose though? Or at the very least, what are the more common ones?




What else is there to say about this? It goes well with almost all kinds of toppings. There’s a reason why the country that’s second when it comes to amount of pizzas eaten has pepperoni as their favorite. The usual pepperoni people buy is already good, but having great pizzerias serve it as a topping is something everyone should experience.




A couple of decades before, people would be surprised if you were to say you liked bacon as a topping on your pizza. However, in recent years, it has become such a popular addition it’s become one of the most common meats one finds on a pie. People just love the smoky sweet and saltiness it provides. However, we advise it be cooked to be crispy.




For those unfamiliar with this meat, it is an Italian dry-cured ham that is usually sliced very thin and then served uncooked. However, even if this is the first time you have heard of this meat, it’s quite possible you’ve tasted this in one pie or another. The saltiness goes well especially on thin crust pizza, and unlike other kinds of meat, prosciutto can just be put in slightly sparingly as a little of this can already go a long way.




Unlike some other toppings listed here, this one has been put on pizza since the days of yore. A nice sweet or spicy Italian sausage is probably one of the more exciting things to use as a topping. Because of its mix of different spices and flavors, sausages can be described as an explosion on your tongue, and the other ingredients of the pizza should be there to just accentuate this topping.




Now when we say salami, usually it refers to a type of dried sausage that is made up of pork, beef, and many other kinds of meat. In fact, pepperoni is a type of salami. However, it gets its own spot on this list because aside from pepperoni, several different kinds of salami also make its way on the pie. Most common ones are usually genoa, sopressata and capicola.


Ground beef


Now here is one type of meat that simply needs to be on a thick crust pizza. Thin crusts won’t cut it on this one, because it excretes a lot of oil when cooked, and the pie will end up a soggy mess. Though ground beef alone won’t bring much flavor to the table, if paired with the right toppings and sauce, it can definitely elevate the dish to a completely new level for beef lovers.



Always comes out on top


No one can truly say which is the best meat used on pizza. This is because of the sheer variety of other toppings, cheeses and sauces we can pair it with. Meat generally packs way more flavor than vegetables, and on a pizza people usually have the meat as the star topping and then vegetables and other spices just serve to emphasize it. When choosing meat though, please do be careful and make sure it goes well with everything else on the pie, cheese, sauce and all.


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