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Pepperoni Pizza with Anchovies – An Incredible Way of Enjoying Your Pizza

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Calda Pizza Pepperoni

Do you know that the number of slices of pizza consumed per second across the world is 350? And do you also know that we consume approximately 5 billion pizza boxes worldwide each year? That’s a mind-boggling number! These facts we’ve shared here just show how much we love pizza. It’s our comfort food, party food, and study food. (And if you really think about it, it’s a food that you can serve in any occasion.) Let’s just admit it, WE TOTALLY CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT PIZZA!

Anywhere you go now, it is quite impossible not to see a pizza parlor or a café that sells a slice of hot, cheesy, and meaty pizza. Even in rural areas, you can still grab a box of pizza that you love, and that’s because more and more people are becoming pizza lovers.  Even here in the Philippines, we are just a few slices away from making pizza part of our lineup of staple foods!

Now, among the different kinds of pizzas that Calda Pizza Cagayan de Oro offers, we’d just like to share with you a secret menu that you can actually try, and that’s none other their Pepperoni Pizza with Anchovies. If you check Calda Pizza’s menu, you definitely won’t find pepperoni topped anchovies on the menu, but you can order it and try.

It isn’t just delicious, meaty, and cheesy, this particular pizza also shares a colorful story—one that involves a clash of culinary cultures.

What Are Anchovies?

Anchovies are small and common saltwater forage fish. Classified as oily fish, they can be found in the waters of Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Ocean. In Italy, where pizza was born, anchovies were considered as poor man’s food, because purchasing them is relatively cheaper compared to other fish.

What’s Pepperoni?

Pepperoni is usually considered as the popular “unofficial” toppings of pizza. Made from beef and cured pork mixed together, pepperoni sausage can be considered as the American version of the salami.

The History of Pepperoni Pizza with Anchovies

Some people may find anchovies and pepperoni a strange duo to combine in pizza but the combination actually celebrates the history of the food.

A pizza topped with anchovies is basically like a classic duet. Two thousand years ago, even before pizza was introduced, Ancient Romans loved topping their flatbreads with assorted fermented spreads commonly made from various fish parts that were then finely diced. Then in the late 18th century, pizza was developed in Naples as a staple food that was largely consumed by peasants. And yes, fish—such as anchovies—still remained a popular topping. Since Italy relies greatly on seafood diet, the anchovy-topped pizza was soon introduced. Known as pizza marinara, this pizza variety was a cheap and easy-to-prepare meal. Since then, anchovies become a well-known toppings for pizza.

During the 1800s, when the Italians started migrating to the United States of America, they brought with them their prized pizza. Basically, the toppings used by the Italians in their pizza is salami but the Italian immigrants had a hard time creating salami in the USA. The traditional salami was a seasonal product requiring controlled climate and several other conditions. This made it quite hard to replicate in the USA, necessitating that the Italian-Americans start making their own salami version. Since then, pepperoni became the most popular pizza toppings in the USA. As reported by the Convenience Store Decisions, Americans alone consume more or less 251.7 million pounds of pepperoni annually.

Technically speaking, the combination of pepperoni and anchovies is between the Italian-style pizza and American-style pizza. And as we’ve said, it may seem a little peculiar, but this particular pizza variety is a fusion between the traditional pizza from Italy and the pizza that we’ve grown to love.

Calda Pizza – Home of the 36-Inch Pizza

If you want to experience an authentic pizza experience, then make sure to try Calda Pizza’s secret menu Pepperoni pizza topped with anchovies. All pizzas from Calda Pizza are made from the freshest ingredients. They are available in five sizes—Regular (11′), Family (16′), XL (20′), Super (30′), and Xtra Super (36′). Aside from pizza, they also offer fried chicken, and potato fries.

Here’s a list of Calda Pizza branches around Cagayan de Oro City, together with their contact information:


Highway Lapasan

Cagayan de Oro City

0923-3012555 & 0915-5051802

(088) 856-3003



Lorraine’s Portico, Xavier Estates,

Cagayan de Oro City

(088) 858-9669 & 0917-322-3899



In front of Xavier University

Xavier Corrales – Hayes, CDO

0922-8238230, (088) 880-1502

What are you waiting for mga Kagay-anon pizza lovers? Try this delectable, mouthwatering pizza now! Don’t forget to like Calda Pizza on Facebook for updates on your newsfeed.

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