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Pineapple on Pizza – Why People Love and Hate It

Posted by | April 20, 2018 | Blog | Add Comment

Pineapple Pizza

We are tackling what might be the most heatedly argued and fought over topic regarding food since people put the pocket in the pita. This debate gained mainstream status back around 2015-2016 when there was a sudden spike of posts regarding this particular argument, although the first recorded post about it was back in 2011, and the actual recipe started in a restaurant located in Ontario, Canada back in 1962. As more and more people made their own posts on how they felt about this argument it just gained even more prominence in the online scene.


Even today, after over 50 years since it was created, the pineapple on pizza debate is still going on. But most of the stuff you read online about it is just people stating their opinion in a way that also insults those who are on the opposite side of the fence. Those who are against it say the other side’s taste buds are malfunctioning, while those who are okay with it say detractors are just close-minded. We are going to try to explain the reasons for why people are either for, or against pineapple on pizza.


Why some say people should add pineapples


When you take into account that despite all the arguments going on regarding this dicey topic, it’s impressive that pineapple is still one of the top 10 most popular pizza toppings according to The Huffington Post. It is so popular in fact that some pizzerias who did not put pineapple on pizza were forced to actually relent and serve them because of the demand. There are some people who don’t really care either way, saying pineapple is just another topping and that since in the end, pizza is pizza, and they will still eat it.


The scientific explanation for this is that our bodies naturally crave sugar. It’s been theorized that, because back in the earliest days of man when we were foragers, sweetness from fruits and other food that had sugar gave us the necessary energy needed for those arduous times.


When you take sugary foods and then combine them with anything that has salt, the result is a delicious sweet-and-salty combination some people can’t get enough of. Pineapple pizza lovers also say those who don’t like pineapple as a topping probably ate something that wasn’t done right. Raw chunks of pineapple tossed on top is definitely not the way to go. However when it’s roasted and glazed with honey and then paired with fatty pork, it becomes a delectable fusion that will have you wanting more.


Why others say they should never be put on pizza


On the other side of the debate, people will mostly say pineapple is very incompatible with pizza especially when combining it with tomato sauce. Both have sweetness and acidity, and if you put too much of them together they will just not merge well, simple as that. Another argument is that pineapple is just a very wet fruit. Too much moisture, as a lot of people will attest to, will ruin the crust and make your pizza into a hot, soggy mess.


For a lot of people, pineapple’s sweetness is a bit too over the top when paired with some cheeses like buffalo mozzarella and traditional skim milk mozzarella. Purists would also like to say pizza started in Italy, and as no self-respecting Italian would pair pineapple with tomato sauce, it shouldn’t be done. Last but not the least, Chef Gordon Ramsey, arguably one of the most renowned chefs in the world, clearly stated pineapple simply does not belong on pizza. Not a lot of people are willing to disagree with him on that.




When it really comes down to it, it isn’t really stated which is true and which is not. No matter how much people will put “facts” and cite “studies” into their arguments, it all really comes down to one basic factor: preference. You like pineapple as a topping? Cool. You don’t want any on your slice? Perfectly fine. What a lot of people don’t realize is that in the end, people will keep on putting whatever they want as a topping. They will always explore new ways to achieve new flavors, and in the end some people will always still love pizza. So the next time someone asks your opinion on this dispute, calmly tell them what you prefer. However we strongly advise you do not stuff your belief down their throats. Because always remember that pizza, in any shape, size or form, will always be pizza.



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