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Pizza Trends of 2018

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As can be expected of any business that deals in the food industry, there is always going to be a great amount of competition when it comes to marketing and production trends. Considering that pizza is one of the most ordered foods in food delivery, you can expect it sometimes gets pretty crazy in this aggressive niche of the food world. From drone delivery to digital ordering, even outside of what’s going on in the pie itself, pizza chains think of new and inventive ways to gain an edge over their competitors.


All the time one store would suddenly pop something out that would garner interest, and then just as quickly another store thinks up something new and customers flock to their windows. Considering the day and age we are living in, it is easy to see how visualizing ideas like these can be easily broadcasted to hundreds of thousands of hungry consumers with just a tap of the screen. 2017, as per usual gave us a lot of unexpected trends that sometimes changed how pizza delivery, production and marketing are done. What could 2018 possibly come up that the previous year did not have? Apparently a lot.


Doing it Detroit-style


Detroit-style pizza refers to square-shaped pizzas that are said to be baked using pans that were originally used for carrying auto parts. This goes well with the overall theme of the Motor City, and apparently it has become all the rage for a lot of pizza-lovers all over America. The novelty of having a square-shaped pie instead of the normal circular variety combined with the nostalgia factor brought about by Detroit’s automotive culture has been spreading all across the continent, and have even begun to find its way to our shores here in the Philippines.


Going green for healthy living


Healthy pizzas are not something new in the US. However, due to rising obesity rates and the fact that dieting and working out have recently seen a rise in popularity, healthy pizzas are expected to make quite a splash in this year’s market. A lot of pizza chains and independent shops have acknowledged this trend and are looking for ways to meet this demand in their own way. Though not as prevalently seen in our country’s chains, even veggie toppings have also been a part of our own pinoy pizza culture. We’ll see in the coming months if veggie pizzas will become popular, as a lot more people are asking for lower-carb versions of this delicious dish.


Comes down to the crust


From the type of dough used in the crust, to the ingredients in the sauce, some people make it their business to know almost every facet of each slice they ingest. However for the everyday pizza consumer, we are still curious and would want to know what kind of dough goes into the crust, as a lot of customers associate “dough” with “crust type.” It seems sales analyses have yielded information that people are leaning towards softer yet thicker crusts last year. It only seems to be on the rise though, and the stuffed crust option has—and most probably will—always be a fan favorite.


Design your own pizza


Recently there has been a rise in popularity of the create-your-own-pizza concept. A lot of people like to be in control when it comes to their food, and if they can’t control how it’s made, they would at the very least like to know what’s in their pie. However now some pizzerias even here in the Philippines have thought of the concept of basically “designing” your own pizza. You get to choose the ingredients, sauce, and how it is cooked. A facet of this that has room for improvement it seems though, is customer education. People should know which toppings goes best with what sauce and what crust is best used for this.


Taking pizza higher


These are just some of the trends we are seeing for 2018, and there are a lot more that will pop up throughout the year. No matter what the reasons for improving pizza though, the customers stand to get the most out of these culinary innovations. Even the stoutest of pizza purists have to admit that these trends on pizza making and marketing will only serve to improve the pies we eat, and nobody in their right mind would say they would like to keep having the same thing when they know they could possibly get better.


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