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Side Dishes That Go Well with Pizza

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Pizza by itself is already a great dish. But if you really want to get the full experience of savoring a slice of this delicious dish, pair it with a great side. Side dishes are there in order to show you a different side to the taste pizza gives you. If you were to eat at a pizza joint like Calda Pizza, they would be able to suggest some great sides for you to try. But if you are taking a pizza home, you need to get a bit more creative.

Now, you might think different toppings necessitate different side dishes, and you would be right. But what we’ve compiled here are side dishes that go extremely well with basically any pizza that has tomato sauce and cheese. So read on, and find out the different side dishes that you could try to pair with your next slice.

  1. Roasted Asparagus with Lemon

A lot of people agree that one of the best flavors to pair with a pizza is citrus. And this particular side has lots of it. Because pizza, more often than not, has heavy components that make up its robust taste and feel, a light and refreshing roasted asparagus with lemon is just the thing to make sure your stomach settles properly after the meal.

The ingredients are a bunch of asparagus, olive oil, lemon, and then salt and pepper. Cut the thick bottom part of the asparagus and dispose of it. Lather the olive oil on the asparagus and then add salt and pepper. You then bake it for a couple of minutes, and once it’s done, zest the lemon on top. Slice the lemon in half and squeeze all of the juice out of one half. This side dish is best served fresh, so you need to serve it immediately.

  1. Corn chips and Salsa

This is definitely a match made in heaven. If the previous side was there to highlight the tastes of both the pizza and the side dish, here, it basically feels like you are inhaling tomatoes one after the other. Because both the tomato sauce in the pizza and the tomatoes in the salsa taste so similar, it’s a surprise that the whole thing doesn’t actually overpower your taste buds. However, they actually complement each other very well, and the dish takes very little preparation time. Just open up a bag of chips and a jar of salsa, and you should be good to go.

  1. Spicy Bacon Roasted Broccoli

Adding a healthy amount of bacon to an already crunchy side dish of roasted broccoli is something you should try at least once. The roasted broccoli accentuates the powerful taste pizza brings, and the spicy bacon only serves to build up on that. Though broccoli, like asparagus, won’t be as popular with kids, the spicy bacon just might give them the push needed in order to at least give it a try.

The ingredients include fresh or frozen broccoli, red pepper flakes, cooked and diced bacon, grated parmesan cheese, and olive oil or bacon grease. Coat the broccoli in the bacon grease or olive oil, sprinkle the red pepper flakes, and then roast the broccoli until it’s crispy. Afterwards toss the broccoli along with the grated parmesan and bacon bits.

  1. Apples and Cheddar

Pairing fresh fruit and pizza is probably something not many have heard of. But just like with the asparagus, apples give that light sweet flavor that pushes the heavy pizza flavor up to center stage. Basically when apples and cheddar are paired with pizza, the robust taste of the pizza will shine even brighter because of this. Apples and Cheddar is already a great side dish that complements many main dishes, and pizza is just one of them. Just slice up some cheddar cheese into sticks, as well as the apples, and you are ready to enjoy your pizza.

And there you have the list of side dishes that go great with pizza. When you go to a pizza joint, they will probably suggest some things that are a lot different from what we’ve laid out here. However, take note that these sides we listed are for when you eat pizza at home with friends, so pizza night can have a bit of a sophisticated feel to it. Now if this were side dishes for game night, the list would be totally different, but if you wanted to have healthy yet tasty sides to complement your pizza, these are pretty good choices.


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