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The Perfect Pizza Taste

Tips on Picking the Perfect Pizza

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Now as anybody with a properly functioning set of taste buds will be able to tell you, you can pretty much never go wrong with pizza. Deep dish or thin, stuffed crust or plain, each bite will be filled with warmth and satisfaction. However how can we make sure we get the best pizza? What is the “perfect” pizza? There are a plethora of different varieties and cooking methods to consider. Too much, to be honest.

Some say that to cook proper pizza, one must use a wood-fired brick oven, at a temperature kept at 495 degrees Celsius, and that all ingredients must be fresh and unrefrigerated. However, pizza shops or food chains these days don’t really use that kind of oven, which is understandable when you think of how many people outlets like those serve in a day. So to help the hungry who also want to choose the best pizza for them, here are a few factors to consider:

Dough and variety

The dough of the pizza usually depends on what kind of pizza it is. One example is the Neapolitan’s extra-finely ground, high-protein flour dough. This dough gives the pizza its signature texture and its super thin crust. If it were to be over or undercooked with this though, the whole pizza would be ruined, so it has to be just right. It is also cooked at very high heat in a duration of one to two minutes. Pizza made from this have, as mentioned before, a super thin crust; it is recommended that they be eaten with a plate, knife and fork.

Another type is the more modern New York-style pizza. The flour used in the dough is high-gluten bread flour and even the minerals found in New York City water are a factor. In fact, some pizza makers who are operating outside the state actually transport the water across the country for authenticity. It is also baked at a lower heat for 15 minutes, the bottom crust is usually a bit thicker, and therefore can be folded easily.

Crispiness of the crust

Depending on the dough, the oven and even the duration, the crispiness of the crust will vary. Crispiness is an important factor that people need to consider when choosing their preferred pizza. Take for example, the aforementioned Neapolitan. Because of the extremely thin crust, if you were to pick up a slice with only two fingers, it would easily break.

Some also prefer a thick crust. Thick crusted pizza is usually very airy, and it is highly recommended to be eaten immediately because when cold, the crust is going to be a bit rubbery and tough on the teeth to rip off. However, pizza like this also holds more sauce and toppings than others without it becoming a soggy mess, and is commonly seen to be as thick as two inches.

Topping compatibility

All professional pizza makers seem to agree it is best to pour in the sauce in relation to how thick the crust is. It is also agreed it is best to be extra careful when pouring sauce. Soggy pizza is still pizza, and therefore it will still taste good, but great pizza will have a good balance between sauce and crust.

And of course, the toppings. The kind of cheese people choose needs to be paired well with the other toppings, like the meat and vegetables. In this case, simplicity is sometimes best because putting on too many kinds of toppings will only serve to confuse the tongue, and instead of enjoying the gift that is pizza in your mouth, you will be left wondering what happened to the flavor.


Pizza, at the end of the day, is still pizza. Though there are a lot of factors you need to consider when picking the one right for you, in the end it really comes down to how much you know your preferences, and being knowledgeable enough about what happens in creating a pizza that will determine if you picked the perfect pizza or not. The best thing to do would be to try out different combinations of crust, sauce, cheese and other toppings, and be familiar with what you like best, rather than looking for the holy grail of pizza recipes. And when it comes down to it you still get to eat pizza, and that will always be something to look forward to.


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