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Top 5 Favorite Pizza Toppings

Posted by | March 31, 2018 | Blog | Add Comment

One of the most essential picks when one orders a pizza is the toppings. Some even go as far to say as this is the most important, and in most pizzerias, this is the only thing that can be altered. Though there has been a recent rise in popularity for create-your-own-pizza places, in most of the popular restaurants they usually only ask what kind of pizza we want. The sauce, dough and kind of crust is off limits.


But though being able to choose is an indulgence that’s not always offered, the number of choices themselves are by no means trivial. There are literally thousands of topping combinations one could choose, and even more are being created all the time. However, no one can really say with certainty which is the best topping as it just boils down to preference. Nevertheless, if one is to ask which toppings are the most popular, below is a list. Be prepared because the number one spot might surprise you.


  1. Sausage


The last spot on our list surely comes as no surprise to a lot of people. Sausage, one might say, is a match made in heaven for pizza, as the sweetness that is present in most types of tomato sauce provides a perfect contrast to the salty and peppery taste of most sausages. Another factor that people must consider is that there are a lot of sausages that fit as a topping for pizza, so the sheer number of them are by no means meager, which explains how the ingredient earned its spot in the top five.


  1. Onions


This topping might come as a surprise to most people. A lot would think onions by themselves are usually only used as something to enhance the aroma of the dish, and more often than not merely support the primary ingredients. However, one must also consider that aroma is a very important facet of what makes a dish good, and onions fulfill that role very well. Also, white onions that have been pre-cooked until caramelized are truly something that makes a difference to how much one enjoys some pizzas.


  1. Mushrooms


Here is another supporting ingredient that is more familiar to pizza lovers. Mushrooms have this intense meaty flavor that just goes so well with a lot of our favorite meat toppings, particularly sausages. However, they go well with many other toppings like some types of vegetable and other types of meats.


It is interesting to note, however, that this ingredient is not for inexperienced cooks. A lot of pizzerias take special care when cooking with these because mushrooms tend to hold in a lot of moisture, and if not handled properly, they can render a pie into a hot, soggy mess.


  1. Pepperoni


Now this topping will come as no surprise to anyone. Even in popular culture, this is quite possibly the most well known topping, especially on TV shows and movies. Though technically pepperoni is a salami, and salami are basically dried and spiced sausages, they still deserve a spot all on their own because of the sheer amount of times people ask for this as part of their pizza.


  1. Cheese


We can imagine that people reading that cheese gets the top spot will definitely be confused. Cheese is always a part of the pizza, just as much as the sauce and the crust are. Let us explain though; when there is only a single layer of cheese on the pie, this pizza can be considered as “plain” or a pizza with no toppings. However, the moment that people order extra cheese, or another kind of cheese aside from the first layer already on the pizza, it is now considered a topping. So if you were to order a large, sausage-stuffed crust with extra cheese, the topping on that pizza is, in fact, cheese. So when you think about it like that, one will understand why cheese is the king of all toppings.




Toppings are definitely an important part of the pizza, but one must remember it is not the only component. The crust and sauce must be paired properly with everything else so you can ensure the best experience when eating pizza. However, one must also remember that there are no rigid rules for pizza. So experiment and try out different topping combinations, and hopefully this list helps you in choosing the best one for you.


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