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Top 7 Horror Movies to Watch This Halloween

Posted by | October 26, 2016 | Blog | Add Comment

You are in a darkened room with a group of friends, munching on a Calda pizza, when suddenly, all hell breaks loose in the movie you’re watching and everyone in the room screams their lungs out. Fun, right? Well, you most definitely can have that kind of fun with your best pals this Halloween.

So, order Calda Pizza, prepare the refreshments and maybe some popcorn, and get these movies in line for your 2016 Halloween scare-a-thon!

  1. Halloween

    This is a Halloween moviefest you’re gathering, isn’t it? Well, then, what better movie to start the marathon with than one that is set on All Hallow’s Eve? This movie, in fact, holds the distinction of being the one that started this particular subgenre of slasher films (the “Halloween setting” subgenre). If that’s not reason enough for you to watch this film, then how about this: Film critics claim that there is no other post-1970s movie that even comes close to this one in terms of scaring the living daylights out of viewers.

  2. Rosemary’s Baby

    If you’re planning to have kids in the future, then here’s a bit of warning: This movie will most likely scare you into never wanting to have kids. There is also a chance that it will scare you into never wanting to talk to wacky neighbors, if you’re unfortunate enough to have some. So, why should you watch it then? Well, it is an Oscar-winning film by Roman Polanski, and one that is regarded among the greatest horror films of all time, so why not?

  3. House of 1000 Corpses

    Are you up for some gorefest this Halloween? If so, then you would definitely want to include this movie in your list. Director Rob Zombie (nice name, huh?) proved with this movie that he has a flair for stomach-turning theatrics. Good luck on enjoying that mouthwatering pizza as blood splatters casually on the floor throughout the movie.

  4. The Changeling

    You probably don’t want to go from one gory movie to another, especially if there’s a feast in front of you. So this would be the perfect time to switch to a horror movie that is done in good taste, but still scares the hell out of viewers. A haunted house and a vengeful spirit surely make it creepy enough and the approval of Martin Scorsese definitely makes it worth watching.

  5. Let the Right One In

    Who would ever think that a horror film can have a somewhat sweet story? Well, this film certainly does have that. And that sweet story can be found somewhere amidst vampires, terrifying murders, and dark, deep terror. And in the same way you wouldn’t expect a horror film to have a sweet story, this movie will shock you with the realization that childhood romances can, in fact, be mind-numbingly creepy.

  6. Goodnight Mommy

    Have you noticed how horror movies with twins in it almost always depict the twins as the creepy characters? Good news: This isn’t one of those movies. But if you’ve ever considered getting any form of plastic surgery done, this movie just might cross that idea out of your mind forever. The story of the twins’ mother trying to have her scars permanently fixed just might cause you to have lifetime emotional scars. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

  7. The Taking of Deborah Logan

    Creepy snakes, check! Demon possession, check! Alzheimer’s disease, check! Wait, did we just say, Alzheimer’s? Yes, we did, and if you’re wondering how Alzheimer’s disease figures in a horror flick (It would be understandable if we were talking about dramatic films, right?), then you’ll just have to watch this movie.

    This is a handheld camera/surveillance video/found footage type of movie, but before you dismiss it as just another one of those low-budget, so-so films, allow us to assure you that it’s not. It may, in fact, be low-budget, but it is one film (perhaps the only one) that does that “handheld/found footage” technique right. And yes, IT IS CHILLING.

Yes, you’re free to enjoy horror flicks any time of the year, but the experience of watching such films on All Hallow’s Eve is just on a completely different level of fun, especially when you do so with good friends. And with the seven films we’ve rounded up for you, your Halloween night is sure to be one night you aren’t likely to forget anytime soon.

Prepare to shriek, scream, or be shocked into complete silence. You’ll surely be starving by the time your movie marathon ends, and that pizza we mentioned will definitely serve its purpose.

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