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Pizza is one of the most popular foods that have been integrated into pop culture. You would be hard pressed to find a show or movie that doesn’t at least show characters eating pizza, or even outright mentioning the wonders of the dish. From having the main cast work in a pizza joint and then showcasing how their lives go, or trying to find the best pizza that can be found around the globe, television is rife with shows that have pizza as a main feature. From the Land Down Under in Chullora, Australia to the beloved and well-frequented shops in Brooklyn, New York, here are some of the most critically acclaimed shows that are all about this delicious dish:





Now immediately when you see the title, you will know what this show is all about. Pizza is a comedy/adventure show that features Pauly Falzoni and his co-workers and their hilarious everyday lives down where they work at “Fat Pizza” in Sydney, Australia, the slogan of which is “They’re big, and they’re cheesy.” Pauly is a deliveryman for said pizza joint, and the show emphasizes the daily dangers of their line of work. Encounters with aliens, killer kangaroos, muggers, drug dealers, and more are featured in this show, as well as run-ins with the CIA, Australian Tax Office, terrorists, as well as a plethora of real-life celebrities.


Despite the horrors they face while doing their duty, the pizza men remain unfazed, always persisting in the face of such adversity, despite the fact they have a dead-end, below-minimum-wage job. The show ran from 2000 to 2007, and featured 42 episodes split into five seasons. Despite of its rather dark comedic tone (where they make light of usually serious or taboo subjects) the show was loved by many and garnered a respectable 7.7 rating in IMDb.


The Pizza Show


The Pizza Show first aired in 2016 and is a currently on-going show even to this day. The show is hosted by Frank Pinello, who owns his own pizzeria in Brooklyn. He travels around the world and studies the intricacies and differences of the pizza in each region. From the deep-dish pie that Chicago is famous for, to pizza as far off as Seoul, South Korea. He is willing to go around the world in order to expand his knowledge of his craft.


More than the difference of the toppings and the crust consumed in different parts of the land though, Frank confesses that he is more interested in meeting the people who actually make and eat the pies. Aside from going behind the kitchen counter to see the different styles and recipes used in creating the shop’s own version of the world-renowned dish, Frank also asks about the certain practices these cooks use in their craft that is specific to their locality, and he also speaks to the customers as well. This show garnered an 8.4 rating in IMDb.


Pizza Masters


Francis Garcia and Sal Basille are cousins who run successful pizza shops in New York. Despite already having pizza shops in a place known to be very picky when it comes to this dish, they want to go even further and search for even more food from across the country. They leave the Big Apple, and they look not only for renowned pizzerias across the U.S.; they also go to shops that have different specialties as well.


From mom-and-pop joints that apparently serve the best burgers in the state, to well-established restaurants featured in magazines, to Los Angeles where they try tacos wrapped in tortillas. They look for the best food spots across America, and they might even be inspired by various flavors that they try along the way, and may incorporate it into their own pizza parlors. The show got a 7.0 rating in IMDb.


Keep a box handy when watching


Despite the differences that these shows showcase when running, they all have one similarity, and that is their great love for the culinary masterpiece that is pizza. Taking a gander at these three shows will make anyone realize how embedded this food is in popular culture, and one must be vigilant when watching. You should make sure to at least have a slice or two ready within reach because one thing is for sure; watching people consume and handle mouth-watering food will in turn make your stomach rumble and wish you had something to chow down on as well.

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