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Why Large Pizzas Are Perfect for the Squad

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Thank God it’s Friday! Weekends are the time of the week where you can allow yourself to be a bit lazy, forget some of your responsibilities, and hopefully gather and bond with family and friends.


Now, my friends and I are big pizza lovers. We almost always eat pizza every week! I guess it’s because of the convenience of not having to prepare ingredients, not needing to cook, and having a complete meal with just several pizza slices. And because we frequently order pizza, I’d say, we are experts at knowing where to order pizza depending on our cravings. There are a few great pizza places in our city and I can definitely enumerate their bestsellers by heart.


There’s just one thing we find tricky whenever we order pizza. What size should we order? We always get stuck deciding on the size depending on the number of people present.
In my experience, it’s always wiser to choose a large-sized pizza for the squad. And before you think it’s because we’re greedy pigs, I’ll tell you about my reasons.


Here’s why:


1) Do the Math


When I’m stuck at not knowing what size to order, I always remember one the easiest things I learned from math. The bigger a circle is, the more the area increases with the square of the radius. Remember, pizza is a circle! So the size of the entire pizza increases not just twice, but 4x, 5x or more! Now, aren’t you proud? You actually used Math in real life.


2) Value for money


There’s another great thing about ordering a larger pizza: The bigger the pizza, the less you’ll pay for each slice. If you check out the prices of pizza based on sizes, you’ll notice the bigger sizes only cost a little more from the smaller one. You’re actually getting a discount! If you want to get the more out of your money, order the larger size and get a much better deal.

3) Bonding over food


Let’s be honest here. With our busy lives, we rarely find the opportunity to bond with family and friends.


Sure, it’s great to cook, but when it’s time to eat, we’re already exhausted. If you want to bond over food, pizza is the most convenient option. What everyone has to do is just gather around, sit, and talk. Eating together is important because it fuels conversation.  It is by sharing a meal together where we can relax and talk about how our week went by.


Sometimes, when I want the time to last longer, ordering a large-sized pizza does the trick. Everyone doesn’t leave until each slice gets eaten and you get to spend quality time with your family and friends.


  1. You never know who decides to join you at the last minute!


One very Pinoy trait I have is inviting people over and expecting them to actually come, even at the last minute! That’s another reason why I think ordering a large pizza is the most practical choice.


Should you order more pizza when people arrive at the last minute? That’s twice the cost! Order the larger one and then you can thank me later.


  1. No food goes to waste


Are you on a diet? Well, I think you should still order that large-sized pizza but don’t display everything in front of you. We’re most likely to munch on food when it’s right there. What you should do is have some of it served and a part of it packed for you to bring home. That way, you have removed temptation.  If you end the night with leftover pizza because you’re already full, then all you have to do is store it in the freezer.


Freshly made pizza lasts up to four days when stored properly. It tastes just as great when you heat it the next day. It’s one of those foods that still taste great even when reheated. The only pizza you really ever throw out is the ones that don’t taste good. So order without worries and bring those leftovers with a smile on your face! You get to have pizza for snacks tomorrow!


Since I’m already giving out some tips here, I’ll give you one more. Large pizzas are perfect for the squad, and Calda Pizza makes the best giant pizzas in Cagayan de Oro city. They have it in more than 20 flavors in the following sizes:


  • Regular (11”)
  • Family (16”)
  • XL (20”)
  • Super (30”)
  • Xtra Super (36”)


Order affordable giant pizzas, get the most out of your money, bond with family and friends and reheat without regrets! Check out Calda Pizza here

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